Ever heard of a 
remote photo shoot?
All these sexy and sensual photos were created 
on a video call!

How does a remote 
photo session work? 

You are in your own space with strong wifi where you can relax while on a video call. Rebecca is in her own space...miles and miles away, taking pictures of the video call.

You feel complete safety and ease as she guides you through the set up of your space and the photo shoot.

Most clients feel a deeper sense of intimacy being photographed remotely, as the photographer is not in the room with you. 

For your sensual photo shoot you may wear whatever you desire. Lingerie, sexy outfit, kinky expression or birthday suit...all is welcome.

Check out all the photographs below for ideas of how to set up your unique scene.

As an added gift of gratitude your session includes a custom-made guided meditation that invites you to know and love yourself in preparation for being seen by the camera.

A PDF guide is also delivered upon booking that will teach you how to set up your space and prepare for a remote photo session.

Sexy Holiday 🎁  for Your  ❤️er

Self❤️  Session for Yourself

Sensual Remote Portrait Session Includes:

Video call includes tech and location set up, intention setting, photographing

Creatively edited images delivered as digital files one week after session

✅ Web-ready resolution, share without photo credit, royalty free usage online

Easy Delivery with private encrypted DropBox link via email

Guided meditation recording prepares you for being photographed

PDF guide to best prepare your space

Body & Sex Positive

For singles 💃🏻
Regularly $695
  • 60 minute session
  • 6 creative photos delivered
  • One person only
  • ✓ One scene

👉 Limited Spots Available


for Couples 👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽
Regularly $1195
  • 90 minute session
  • 10 creative photos delivered
  • Two people only
  • ✓ One scene

👉 Limited Spots Available


👯 Couples Coupling 

Single Self Pleasure 🫶🏽 💦

See what clients are saying 

Meet the Clients 

Gina and Ephraim
Here, Lean is in her home in South Africa and I'm in my home in Florida!
I am directing her through a FaceTime call and taking pictures as she dances.
Her phone is on a home-made tripod that I instructed her to make.

Are you ready to be truly seen?

Meet the Artist

Rebecca Tolk
Photographer, Artist, Designer
Rebecca Tolk is a fine art photographer, digital artist and designer living and working in San Francisco's East Bay, and has traveled extensively throughout the country to create her artwork for nearly 30 years.

Her career began in 1995 photographing weddings and children’s portraits in the metro DC area with clients ranging from congressional candidates to Hollywood actors, and everyone in between.  

In 2020 she turned her lens on the sensual side of human existence with remote portrait sessions developed during the Covid quarantine. Intending to bring people together virtually while giving them opportunity to connect more deeply within themselves. Connection and expression being her driving motivation. 

Rebecca’s work has been featured internationally as a select artist with Holga Inspire, an international traveling exhibit hosted by the Holga Camera Company. She was one of 10 photographers hand picked by Mr TM Lee, the maker of the now defunct camera.

She has placed over 500 works of art in The Ritz Carlton Hotels and Spa, The DoubleTree by Hilton, Paradise Island Atlantis, McGraw Hill, Raymond James, and The University of Texas Medical Branch, among other prestigious institutions.

Her artwork has been exhibited at The Hallmark Institute of Photography, Brooks Institute, Centre of Fine Art Photography, Soho Photo Gallery, and Chicago Photography Center.

Rebecca is published in Plastic Cameras, Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates, and has been featured in Medium, Thrive Global and BizWomen, The Business Journal.

Rebecca’s mission is to help the viewer connect deeply to themselves and the world around them through playful, whimsical and ethereal imagery.

Learn more about Rebecca and her process in these podcast interviews


How do I prepare for my Remote Portrait Session?
Every session includes a personal virtual consultation in the first 20 mins of your session.

Rebecca will initiate the video call with you and show her around your space and look at the couple of outfits you have picked out. 

She will find the ideal places for light and composition, and will guide you on how to best set up your phone with a cell phone stand/holder or with items around your home.

Make sure you read the PDF to best prepare your space. This is available for download upon booking!
Do these sessions require a cell phone?
A modern cell phone with front and back-facing cameras is preferred for these remote sessions. The next best thing to a cell phone is a tablet. We can also use a laptop, but the lens will tend to be lower quality than the most modern phone. Regardless of the device you use, you will have a great experience!

This greatly effects the quality of the final image.
What will my portrait session be like?
Once the photo shoot begins Rebecca will be taking screen shots of the moments that inspire her. She will guide you on how and where to set up your cell phone for location chosen. 

She will help you feel at ease and stay connected to the positive energy. Rebecca prefers natural looks to the contrived, so she will look for these moments.

Overall, this will be a unique and collaborative process for each client.
What should I wear?
Wear what you love! Be comfortable and fully expressed as you. Dress up or dress down. Or wear nothing at all! Anything goes! 

Rebecca fully encourages clients to have fun with their wardrobe choices. Her only suggestion is no words or logos on clothes, unless it's important to your image.
What is the best time of day for my session?
Pick the time of day that your space has the most natural light coming in the windows. If you do not have natural light, then anytime is fine, but we will need access to other forms of lighting, such as lamps.
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